Mary’s Home Convent – Yangon, Inn Sein


Mary’s Home Convent, situated in Yangon-Insein within the Yangon Archdiocese, has a significant history. The idea establishing this Convent emerged during the Diamond Jubilee of the Myanmar Province in 2004, when Bishop Charles Bo promised to provide a Parish where the Sisters can serve. On 6 August 2006, during the celebration of the Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus, Sr. Martha from Gyogone was invited to a meeting at St. Lazarus’ Church with the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Augustine and the ministers. The Sisters were invited to work in this Parish by assisting at the Parochial tasks and teaching Catechism classes. They accepted the responsibility and transitioned from Gyogone to Pein-ne-gone.

The Convent is affiliated to the Sisters of St. Aloysius and is situated at No.9 Kyae Taing Su Road (1), Pein-ne-gone Quarter, Insein Township, Yangon.

On 8 December 2007, the Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, the new House was blessed by Fr. Augustine and a guest priest. The Sisters took on various responsibilities including Parochial work, Leading the Liturgical Choir, guiding the Mother Group and Legion of Mary Associations, Providing Catechism Classes for Children and preparing them for their First Holy Communion, and Counseling Couples preparing for marriage. They were also engaged with ministries to rectify the Nargis Cyclone’s damage to homes in May 2008.

The aim of establishing the Convent is to foster spirituality among people and encourage them to live their Christian lives. The leadership includes Sr. Masilla the Superior, Sr. Evarista, Sr. Mary Clare, and Sr. Joana Lian. Ministries include Parochial work, Overseeing Youth and Mother Association, Teaching Catechism, and Conducting Prayer Meetings.


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