Our Lady of Health Convent – Naungcho


Our Lady of Health Convent, located in Naung Cho within the Lashio Diocese, has a history dating back to 8 September 1977, coinciding with the Feast of Our Lady of Health (Velankanni). The primary purpose of the convent is to care of the individuals under the guidance of Our Lady. Alongside the Orphans, the convent also attended to the needs of other Children, by teaching them skills such as stitching, knitting, and other handicrafts, while some also received schooling.

The Our Lady of Health Convent and Disabled Institute are situated in the Market Quarter, Naung Cho, North Shan State.

The Priest in-charge, who comes from Anisakhan, visits the place twice a month on the first and third Sundays. The Sisters conduct daily prayer services. In addition to caring for the Children, the Sisters visit households and the sick of various races and religions, and they hold prayer meetings on Saturdays. When the Priest is unavailable on Sundays, the Sisters, along with parishioners, hold the informal Sunday Liturgical Service, and one of the Sisters delivers a homily based on the Gospel of the day.

The convent’s aim is to care for the Differently Abled Children and elevate the educational standards of the underprivileged. The leadership includes Sr. Mary Jude the Superior, Sr. Lucia Cho and Sr. Bernadine Armi. The Sisters are engaged in various ministries, including caring for the Differently Abled, Parochial activities, Family Visits, Conducting Prayer Meetings, Poultry Farming, Running a Nursery, and providing assistance to Yadanar Theingi every two months.


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