St. Louis Convent – Agarakottalam


Name of the Convent : St. Louis Convent

Place : Agarakottalam

Name of the Diocese : Archdiocese of Pondicherry

 Date of Establishment : 25/10/1989

The Superior General at the time of convent establishment: Rev. Mother. Barbara Mary

The Bishop at the time of convent establishment: Most. Rev. V. S. Selvanather

 Parish priest at the time of establishment: Rev. Fr. Gnanathikam

The purpose of establishment: To do education, evangelization and health ministry

The First appointed community members: Sr. Casian Mary, Sr. Paripurna Mary and Sr. Lawrance

The present ministry :Education, Evangelization and Health ministry

Renovation of Convent Building: 22/07/2012

The important works done the convent:

Convent and the dispensary were renovated, the main gate was established, the roof of the convent building was reestablished, and Whitewash was done for the whole building both convent and dispensary. The total amount was spend on this work was Rs. 5, 16,612.00. Ii.Software Tally was inserted in the system, along with it printer was bought to help in the dispensary. We also bought speaker, Jio Fi Sim. The total cost of this expense was Rs. 45,000. iii.The common toilets and bathing rooms were demolished completely and four separate bathing rooms and toilets were build in the sisters residing area. The total cost for this work was Rs. 3, 00,417.00. The work was started on 25/01/2020 and finished by 31/02/2021.


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