Franciscan Sisters of St. Aloysius Gonzaga (FSAG)

Fr. Michael Ansaldo SJ, an Italian Jesuit priest and close relative of St. Aloysius Gonzaga left for India as a missionary along with the French Jesuit mission in the year 1771. He landed on the shores of war-torn Pondicherry in 1771. As he started working on the mission, his heart was moved deeply by the social, economic, and political situations of India, in particular Pondicherry. Ansaldo, as a good Catholic priest, performed all his pastoral activities and the celebrations of the sacraments at the Cathedral in Pondicherry. He was emotionally moved by the sufferings of girl children, young widows, and the ill treatment in the name of untouchability faced by low caste people. In addition, there were rampant child marriages, and young girls were abandoned as hapless and helpless widows. Looking at the sufferings of these poor women, Ansaldo decided in the depths of his heart to save these abandoned children and afflicted women.

Later in the year 1775, he confined his zeal to the establishment and management of three religious convents. At the request of his superiors, he accepted to take care of the Carmalite convent, which was already established. The Carmelite convent was called the major convent, and the minor convent was called Louis de Gonzague, which took care of the abandoned children under the protection of St. Aloysius Gonzaga. He appointed a few nuns as his helpers to take care of them. Gradually, the number of inmates grew in that home, but caste conflicts in the outside world affected the convent too. Hence, he established one more convent for the upper caste women. Thereby, the Louis de Gonzague Convent gave birth to another convent known as Our Lady of Bon Secours.

As a good Jesuit, out of his obedience until the last moment of his life, he took care of two minor convents and one major convent called Carmel Convent, which was entrusted to him by his superiors. On 16 October 1805, a new assignment was given to Michael Ansaldo, and he was sent as a visitor to Madras Capuchin Monastery. In spite of his high fever and ill health, he started his journey and reached Madras on 20 October 1805. He fell sick during his journey, but the cause of his illness still remains a mystery. During his stay at Capuchin Monastery, he could neither eat nor speak, he suffered in silence. He prayed for his beloved children with tears in his eyes and offered them to God. He died at the same monastery on November 2, 1805, exactly on the “Feast of All Souls.” After the demise of Rev. Fr. Michael Ansaldo, MEP fathers took charge of the religious congregations of Pondicherry. In 1858, Rev. Fr. Lehodey, MEP, worked for the regularization of the Louis De Gonzague sisters. He also amended some of the rules and regulations given by Fr. Michael Ansaldo, SJ, the founder.

In 1886, through the relentless efforts of Rev. Fr. Ligeon, MEP, the members were allowed to follow the rules of the Third Order of the Franciscans by Holy Father Leo XIII.

During the second and third tenures of Mother Kanikai Mary as the Superior General of the congregation, respectively, in 1911 and 1920, the Constitutions were reviewed in the General Chapters held during those periods, and changes were made. Novitiate formation and years of formation were fixed.

In 1942, when Mother Berchmans Mary was the Superior General, the Constitutions were well defined and brought out in book form

In the General Chapter held In 1967, during the tenure of Mother Denis Mary as the Superior General, the Constitutions were revised in light of Vatican Council II.

In 1978, when Mother Barbara Mary was the Superior General, the Constitutions were once again amended. These amendments aimed at enabling the members of the congregation to live their religious lives more deeply and also expanding the mission of the ongregation.

During the tenure of Mother Nambikkai Mary, as the Superior General, the centenary of our congregation as the Third Order of the Franciscans was celebrated in 1986. In the General Chapter held in 1987, following the centenary celebrations, changes in the Constitution and Regulations were proposed. On the basis of this proposal, changes were made in the constitutions that dealt with
spirituality, formation, and customs in the congregation.

On October 4th, 1996, when Mother L.C. Maria was the Superior General, our congregation was elevated to the status of a Pontifical Congregation. This necessitated some important changes to be made in the administration of the congregation as well as through the process of revision in the Constitutions. These resolutions were passed in the Special Chapter held in 1997.

When the regions were made into provinces in our congregation, changes in the Constitutions were once again necessary to facilitate better coordination between the Generalate and the Provinces. Rules regarding the governance in the provinces were formulated, and some important changes were made in the Constitutions during the 27th General Chapter held in 2000.

We engage in

Announcing Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of all People.


Offering education and giving integral formation to our students.


Showing Compassion to the orphans and the abandoned women and children.

Social Work

Involving in social action and transforming the society.

Social Action

Providing holistic health care.

Health Care

After Mother Maria Noel Rani became the Mother General in 2001, the General Council made efforts through different groups formed for the purpose of consolidating the changes and amendments made in the Constitutions at different periods and developing the autonomy of the Provinces by revising the Constitutions. To undertake the task of accomplishing this, a committee was formed in 2006. The Committee did excellent work, ably assisted by Rev. Fr. Thomas V. Jeyaseelan, SJ, and Rev. Fr. Innaci, SJ, and coordinated by Sr. Francisca. The draft of revised Constitutions and Regulations was submitted to the General Council for approval. The draft, after having been reviewed by the General Council and Provincial Council, was sent to every community. The draft, along with the suggestions and recommendations from communities, was placed in the 28th General Chapter and passed. Eventually, the revised constitutions were sent to the Holy See and duly approved on May 10, 2008.

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