St. Elizabeth’s Convent – Kalay


St. Elizabeth’s Convent, located at Divine Mercy Church, Yarza-Gyo Road, Taung Za Lat Quarter, Kalay, Sagaing Division, located in the Diocese of Kalay, was established on 11 May 1999, under the guidance of the Bishop of Hakha. The Convent is dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. The responsibilities of the Sisters include teaching catechism, leading the rosary and Bible discussions at Catholic households twice a week, and providing encouragement to people. They are also engaged in teaching catechism, secular subjects, and moral lessons at their Nursery School and Boarding Home. They care for Orphans at the Convent and visit nearby villages with the Parish Priest or the Catechist to teach games and catechism to village children. The Sisters also engage in activities like embroidery, sewing, gardening, and poultry farming to generate funds for the Convent.

The primary aim of St. Elizabeth’s Convent is to enhance the education of children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The leadership includes by Sr. Candida the Superior, and Sr. Theodona Vung. The Sisters are involved in various ministries including teaching catechism, managing Boarding for Children, visiting families and the sick, conducting seminars for the Youth, overseeing associations for Mothers, Fathers, and the Youth, and operating a Nursery.


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