St. Aloysius’ Convent – Mandalay


St. Aloysius’ Convent, situated at No.131, 28th Street, Bet 75×76 Streets, Sait Taramahi Quarter, Mandalay, and established in 1929 by Rev. Fr. Alexander, began with a focus on Education and Missionary Work. The Sisters under the Congregation of St. Aloysius took charge of St. Xavier’s Parish, engaging in Parochial and School responsibilities. Despite challenges, they extended their efforts to teach catechism and the Tamil language in Eastern towns. In 1942, during World War II, the convent faced destruction due to bombing, leading to the loss of Sisters and property. Despite this setback, the convent was rebuilt and reopened in 1956.

The primary aim of St. Aloysius’ Convent is to engage in Apostolic Work, Parochial activities, and Social Services. The leadership includes Sr. Emilie Do Khan Cing the Superior, Sr. Jacinta Dass, Sr. Magdalena Layna, and Sr. Cecilia Cing.

The ministries encompass various Parochial activities, including teaching Catechism, visiting the sick and prisoners, participating in prayer meetings, and working at the clinic and Parish Office.


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