Pa Pa John’s Orphanage – Hnget Aw San


Pa Pa John’s Orphanage in Hnget-Aw-San, situated in Hnget-Aw-San village within the Yangon Division, has a historical legacy that dates back over a hundred years. De La Salle Brother Pa Pa John established this ministry, calling impoverished children from the neighboring areas to give them education. After the demise of Brother Pa Pa John, the De La Salle Brothers’ Ministry couldn’t continue due to the nationalization of the Schools. However, an alumnus of De La Salle, Fr. Eugene, took the initiative to care for the children once again.

The Pa Pa John’s Orphanage is located in Hnget-Aw-San, Kaw Hmu Township, Yangon Division.

As Fr. Eugene became advanced in age, he sought the permission from Most Rev. Dr. Charles Bo the Archbishop of Yangon to continue this mission, and Sr. Mary Flora (the Provincial Superior) of the Aloysius Sisters agreed. On 18 May 2013, the Aloysius Sisters took over Pa Pa John’s Orphanage, aiming to provide education, religious guidance, and care for orphans, and poor children, and the destitute in Hnget-Aw-San. The leadership transitioned from Sr. Maria Eulalia to Sr. Cecilia Dim and Sr. Gyi Mary Gloria, and currently, Sr. Immaculata Myint (2nd Councilor) is in-charge of the ministries.

The convent’s primary aim is to enhance education, religious and social well-being of the Orphans and the underprivileged Children. The leadership includes Sr. Immaculata Myint the Superior, Sr. Fiorina Aye and Sr. Giovanna. The ministries encompass Caring for the Orphans, performing Parochial duties, Managing the Nursery, Conducting Village tours with the Priest, visiting households and the sick, and teaching catechism.


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