St. Teresa’s Convent – Thazi


St. Teresa’s Convent located near St. Teresa’s Church on Yone Paung Sone Lane in Thazi, Mandalay Division, was established on 22 April 2002, with the approval of Most Rev. Dr. Alphonse U Than Aung and Fr. Cyril Myint Soe, the Parish Priest. The opening of the convent was led by Sr. Mary Gloria (the Provincial Superior), Sr. Evarista (1st Councillor), and Sr. Cecilia Dim. The primary goals of the convent are to enhance the spiritual well-being of the Thazi community, provide support to the underprivileged, and guide the education and character development of children. The main aim is to engage in apostolic work and manage a Nursery.

The leadership of the Convent includes Sr. Catherine Anthony the Superior, Sr. Lourdes, Sr. Pius Mary, and Sr. Agatha Hat. The Sisters are involved in various ministries, such as visiting the sick and families, conducting prayer meetings, and operating a Nursery. The convent is affiliated with the Sisters of St. Aloysius.


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