Yae Chan Oh Village – Tarbo Hill


The History of Tarbo Farm located in Ye Chan Oe Village, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Division, Myanmar, under the Sisters of St. Aloysius, began in 2002 when Sr. Gyi Mary Flora and Sr. Gyi Mary Gloria purchased a 7-acre plot of land on Taung Gone (hill) with the permission of Most Rev. Dr. Charles Bo. Attempts to grow Lime, Oranges, and Custard Apples failed due to the sloped terrain. In 2005, another 9-acre of land was purchased down the hill for the St. Aloysius Province and the Orphan Children to run a Farm.

In 2006, with the guidance of Fr. Peter Sein Shwe, an artisan well was dug to a depth of 300 feet, supplying water for a Machine Room and a water tank built on Taung Gone (hill). A House was constructed for the Guard’s Family on the Aloysius land below the hill. Sr. Gyi Mary Flora took charge in 2008, overseeing Poultry and Cow farming, while several Sisters took their turn to stay at the Farm. Vegetables were grown, and efforts were made to generate income through crops. Sr. Hilda Michael is the Superior at Tarbo Farm, along with Sr. Mary Cing Hau Nuam Cing.

Over time, separate gates were established, fencing was erected, and trees were planted on the land. In 2020, the original Kitchen was rebuilt into a new structure, with Sr. Gyi Mary Flora overseeing its construction.


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