Closing down the Mission at Masauri:

The Masauri Convent was closed due to inconveniences. After discussions with the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Patna, Sr. Nirmala and Sr. Swarna decided to close the Convent due to various issues. Despite exploring the possibility of inviting another mission or constructing a new Convent, the Archbishop stated that neither option was feasible. Consequently, the Sisters were instructed to hand over their responsibilities to the Parish and discontinue their ministries. The Masauri Convent was officially closed on 1 April 2023. 

Renovation Work and Mission Initiation at Linch, Gujarat:

The initiative to establish a Regional House and Formation House initially led to the laying of the Foundation Stone at Gauspur. However, due to unsuitable land conditions, a new search for land ensued. After several attempts and consultations with Priests and the Archbishop Thomas Mecwan, the opportunity arose to obtain land in Linch. After assessing the site and obtaining approvals from the Superior General and Jesuit Provincial, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Aloysius Gonzaga were granted 9½ acres of land for the mission. Renovation work was carried out, led by Fr. Vela, and on 7 May, the key was handed over to Sr. Nirmala. The plan involved starting a Pre-primary School at Linch, with Sisters Nirmala, Mary Matha, and Suganthi.


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