St. Anns Primary School – Thensiruvallur


St. Ann’s Primary School in Thensiruvallur has a long history, established in 1942 and recognized by the government on 04.03.1942. Initially, it was run by the Arch Diocese of Cuddalore, Pondicherry, and later, in 1996, the administration was handed over to the congregation of Franciscan Sisters of St. Aloysius Gonzaga. The school aims to provide moral education along with academic learning to benefit poor and marginalized students from surrounding villages. It currently has eight classrooms and eight teaching staff members.

The school actively participates in various events and celebrations, including KalviValarchinaal, St. Ann’s Feast, Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Christmas, and Pongal. Distinguished guests and staff members lead these events.

The initial members of the institution were Sr. Julian Mari and Rev. Sr. Mariyanna Mari. The school underwent renovation in 2003.

Overall, St. Ann’s Primary School has a rich history and continues to serve its purpose of providing education and moral guidance to underprivileged students in the community. It actively participates in cultural and educational events to enrich the learning experience of its students.


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