Education Ministry

Historical Background of our Educational Services

Founded in the 18th Century in Pondicherry, the establishment was initially driven by the plight of Widows, lack of education of Women, and the abandoned Children on the streets. A School for poor girls was established but it faced financial constraints. Despite challenges, the institution persisted through political turmoil and with the assistance from the Foreign Missionaries. Over time, it grew into the St. Louis de Gonzaga Congregation.

The educational principles and policies emphasize a commitment to teaching with zeal and dedication. The institution prioritizes education for the marginalized groups such as Dalits and Christians from the lower-strata of the Society, aiming to foster integral personality development based on values akin to the ‘Kingdom of God.’ Religious and moral education hold prime importance, with a focus on providing spiritual formation for Catholic students attending non-Catholic Schools. The institution also encourages active participation in liturgical activities.

The vision of the Gonzaga Educational Apostolate centers on providing quality education to rural Children and Women, fostering academic excellence, selfless leadership, environmental awareness, and communal harmony grounded on Gospel values.

The mission focuses on reaching rural, Dalit, and tribal Children and Women with quality education, communication skills, and life skills. The aim is to equip students to face challenges in life confidently while instilling moral, spiritual, and social values, and preparing them to be future leaders and contributors to social transformation.

The objectives of the educational institution’s FSAG Education include:

  • Ensuring education accessibility for the marginalized groups, particularly Dalits and the poor.
  • Providing constant support to Children to succeed in School education.
  • Imparting comprehensive student development.
  • Cultivating spiritual values and reinforcing faith in God.
  • Nurturing environmentally conscious individuals to care for the planet Earth.
  • Teaching the values of the Indian Constitution and democracy.
  • Delivering value education to promote equality, human rights, communal harmony, cultural diversity, and gender sensitivity.
  • Developing the staff and collaborators as agents of social change.
  • Engaging stakeholders like students, teachers, parents, and experts in the educational process.
Statistics of Gonzaga Group of Institutions
Primary Schools13
Higher Secondary Schools11
High Schools20
CBSC school1
Higher education institutions 
Teacher Training Institute1
Arts and Science  colleges2
College of Education1
Total number of Institutions49
Total number of our staff members1098
Total number of  our Students18595
Total number of Gonzaga Sisters in Education Ministry274

Collaboration with Diocesesand Other Congregations all over the world


North India ( Gujarat, Bihar, UP etc)


Andhra Pradesh


Aloysius Province (Pondicherry)


Shalom (Tamil Nadu)






Total no of Gonzaga sisters in Collaboration with the Dioceses and other Religious Institutions


FSAG Education Executive Committee Members
S.No Names of Sisters Designation
1 Rev. Mother G. Rajamani FSAG The Superior General & President
2 Sr. Dr. A. Antony Maria Jansi FSAG General Councillor for Education & Secretary
3 Sr. Emelda Glothin Quini FSAG The Provincial Superior
4 Sr. Celine FSAG The Provincial Superior
5 Sr. Pauline Sagaya Rani FSAG The Provincial Superior
6 Sr. Maria Eulalia FSAG The Provincial Superior
7 Sr. G Deva MadhaFSAG Northern  Mission Coordinator
8 Sr. Jebamalai Mary FSAG Education Councillor of Shalom Province, Pondicherry
9 Sr. Arul Vimala Rani FSAG Education Councillor of St. Aloysius Province, Madurai
10 Sr. Mathi Margaret Maria Selvam FSAG Education Councillor of Michael Ansaldo Province, Vijayawada
11 Sr. Emilie Do Khan Cing Education Councillor of St. Aloysius Province, Myanmar
FSAG Education Commission for UG Institutions
Superior General & President8903124716[email protected] 
General Education Councillor & Secretary9488591655[email protected] 
North Mission Coordinator9723231764[email protected] 
Commission Member  UG9942177913[email protected] 
Commission Member UG9585439248[email protected] 

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